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-LGLibTech ​is a free community resource ​open to all+This website is managed by [[http://​​|Ken Chad Consulting]] Ltd. This is a free and open community service. Data is opendata and content (excluding any externally linked content) is OA access CC0 licensed so is free to re-use\\ 
 +You can view all content on the LGLibtech wiki. Click on the **Edit this Page** icon on right to add amend information . If you need any assistance, please contact
-You can view all of the articles on the LGLibtech wiki. Anyone can edit the content --use the '​edit'​ button at the top of the page. This Wiki is a contribution to opening up the library technology market and involving all stakeholders,​ including librarians and vendors. If you need any help with adding your own article to the LGLibtech wiki, please contact the site's [[mailto:​lauriekenchadconsulting.comwikimaster|wikimaster]]. This web site is managed by [[http://​​|Ken Chad Consulting Ltd.]] 
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