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 +**This entry needs more information**. It would be good to get information from libraries that have integrated their LMS and corporate finance systems. How is it done? What are the issues? What are the pitfalls? What are the costs? What are the attributes of success?
 +|| **Product or service** || **Features** || **(Potential) benefits** || **Notes/​comments** || **Market providers** || **Take up in UK Public libraries** ||
 +|| **Interoperability with council finance** || Typically the ability to transfer invoice data electronically (usually in batch mode but sometimes in real time) from the LMS to the finance system || Costs saving in eliminate multiple entry of data into different systems || Often held back by corporate finance practice and systems as much as any deficiency in LMS \\ It raises the question of why corporate procurement systems manage library stock procurement properly? || Axiell, Talis and Infor (and SirsiDynix?​) claim to do this. \\ Talis has a Web services based '​generic'​ interoperability'​ ('​Keystone'​) module to enable real-time interaction. A case study (Staffordshire) is available from th Talis Web site \\ http://​​integration/​finance/​news/​index.shtml#​n02 || Patchy adoption? ||
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