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Infor Global Solutions Limited, Libraries Division


Telephone: +44 (0)1454 892000


Strategy and Approach to the Market

The Infor Libraries business unit is a global provider to the Libraries and Knowledge Information marketplace, servicing the UK from its Bristol office. Vubis Smart is the company’s flagship ILS, which has now been installed in over 300 installations world-wide since its launch. Over recent years a number of Infor’s customers have migrated from their PLUS and ADVANCE systems to Vubis Smart, plus Infor have attracted a number of new name Customers from others systems.

Infor have continued to invest in its Libraries Division since the acquisition of Geac, with the result that they have now introduced V-spaces as their information and federated search portal, in addition to their offering AquaBrowser as a Search and Select portal option. Newly released is V-sources which is their Electronic Resource Management application, as their global development team in association with their academic partners, the Free University of Brussels and the Technical University of Eindhoven, continue to research and develop new products essential to modern library needs. All of these latest releases are designed to work with any existing ILS installed, so that libraries can modernise without the need to replace their back office solution.

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