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 ===== Overviews of the library technology market ===== ===== Overviews of the library technology market =====
 +**[[https://​​2019/​05/​01/​library-systems-report-2019/​|Library Systems Report 2019]]** Cycles of innovation By Marshall Breeding American Libraries 1 May 2019
 +From the report:
 +"The library technology industry, broadly speaking, shows more affinity toward utility than innovation. Library automation systems are not necessarily exciting technologies,​ but they are workhorse applications that must support the complex tasks of acquiring, describing, and providing access to materials and services. They represent substantial investments,​ and their effectiveness is tested daily in the library. But more than efficiency is at stake: These products must be aligned with the priorities of the library relative to collection management, service provision, and other functions.
 +Outdated automation systems can reinforce work patterns that no longer reflect priorities as core library activities change
 +One key focus of development for ILS products for the last few years has been upgrading web-based interfaces on software applications installed on library personnel computers. The maintenance of staff-facing clients has been a longstanding pain for libraries using ILS products. The transition to web interfaces is long overdue and unfortunately consumes much of the development capacity of the vendors at the expense of creating new functionality or services.
 +One of the key concerns for public libraries is whether they are poised to enter a disruptive cycle of innovation or if the current pattern of incremental advance¬≠ment will continue.
 +All of the ILS products in the established public library market are based on aging internal architectures.
 **[[https://​​2018/​05/​01/​library-systems-report-2018/​|Library Systems Report 2018**]]** \\ **[[https://​​2018/​05/​01/​library-systems-report-2018/​|Library Systems Report 2018**]]** \\
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