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 +====== Views of the market by librarians and others ======
 +  * [[open_source_library_systems|Open Source Library Systems]]
 +  * [[transforming_public_librarieschanging_technologies_changing_business_models._a_challenge_for_public_libraries|Changing Technologies,​ changing business models. a challenge for public libraries]]
 +  * [[how_can_libraries_compete|Find the competive 'sweet spot'. How can public libraries compete?]]
 +  * [[market_consolidation|Market Consolidation]]
 +  * [[better_library_service_costs_lessshared_services_:​a_better_library_service_costs_less--_the_london_libraries_consortium|Shared Services :a better Library Service Costs Less-- the London Libraries Consortium]]
 +  * [[museums_libraries_and_archives|Getting out of silos. Museums, Libraries and Archives]]
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