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 ==== NEWS ==== ==== NEWS ====
 +  - **Essex set (April 2020) to join the Libraries Consortium (was London Libraries Consortium)**
   - **Gloucestershire select Civica (Nov 2019)**   - **Gloucestershire select Civica (Nov 2019)**
   - **Leeds City selects SirsiDynix **  (Plus framework agreement for additional authorities)   - **Leeds City selects SirsiDynix **  (Plus framework agreement for additional authorities)
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   - **National framework agreement (ESPO) for library systems**   - **National framework agreement (ESPO) for library systems**
 See below for more detail See below for more detail
 +**[[https://​​news/​investment-in-libraries-has-started/​|Essex set (March 2020) to join the Libraries Consortium**]]**
 +(was the London Libraries Consortium -LLC)
 +"The council is updating its library management system (the IT platform used to run the service). The preferred option is to join the Libraries Consortium. If this decision goes ahead it is anticipated that Essex will join the consortium around summer 2021. It will provide library users a richer, more flexible service. They will have access to more than seven million books and other reading materials. Users will be able to browse, read, book events, follow favourite authors and get alerts about new books all in one place, on computers, tablets or mobile phones. The Council will have greater buying power and be able to run the service more efficiently."​
 +Investment in libraries has started. Essex County Council website 20 March 2020 \\ https://​​news/​investment-in-libraries-has-started/​
 [[https://​​Advert/​Index?​advertId3bc06cbd-6648-e811-80eb-005056b64545|ESPO Framework Agreement]] [[https://​​Advert/​Index?​advertId3bc06cbd-6648-e811-80eb-005056b64545|ESPO Framework Agreement]]
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