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“I just want to say how perfect these are for our librarian audience. Perfect length, perfect tone, and perfect amount of technical info”. Jim Lynch,

There are already several Higher Education Library Technology Briefing Papers published. The paper below is the first briefing paper aimed specifically at public libraries

Community engagement solutions

Community engagement solutions for public libraries. Ken Chad and Sarah Bartlett. Local Government Library Technology (LGLibTech) Briefing Paper No.1. May 2021

This briefing paper outlines the challenges public libraries face in reshaping their community profile. It highlights how emerging community engagement solutions may help target existing and potential users in repositioning public libraries and refreshing their services.

Public libraries have always engaged with their users and the wider community. In recent years, however, community or patron engagement has risen from the ranks of routine activities to become a strategic priority requiring new kinds of solutions. The community engagement solutions that have emerged differ in detail but share common elements. In simple terms it’s about delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time. Combining marketing tools with data from the library management system (LMS) and associated systems such as ebook platforms, databases, library websites, and event and room booking platforms is seen as a key factor in strengthening libraries’ promotional impact. Libraries can then more easily and efficiently segment their audience and automate their marketing communications.

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