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List of outsourced library services

A “List of outsourced and prospective outsourced library authorities” is available of the PublicLibrariesNews website.


Stop the privatisation of Public Libraries: A blog about library privatisation, and other related matters, in the UK, US and beyond

Are Harrow and Ealing joining together to privatise their library services? By Alan Wylie 22 July 2012

Is Harrow planning to strike a strategic deal with Ealing with a view to privatise their library services, well it definitely looks as if it's being investigated if a Council Cabinet meeting document is to be believed;

“Commission both library and leisure management services (libraries with Ealing Council and leisure management with Ealing and Brent Councils) as the Brent, Ealing and Harrow Strategic Cultural Partnership. This option can maximise potential savings whilst at the same time reducing management costs for clienting arrangements across the three boroughs. The commissioning would be in three packages – libraries alone- leisure centres alone – libraries and leisure as one package. At this stage it is not possible to judge how many organisations in the market are able to provide effective management services for both libraries and leisure management.”

Soft market testing has already taken place and three specialist library service providers (LSSI, JLIS and Essex CC or GLL?) and other leisure providers have shown interest according to an official council document;

Monster or Saviour CILIP Update 9 November 2011

article on privatised libraries

“Few subjects raise such polarisation of opinion as the taking over of library services by private companies. It is such an emotive issue that there is even an argument about what word to use to describe it. Generally, those against it call it privatisation while those more in favour call it outsourcing. Whatever one calls it, on the one side it is seen as a monster and, on the other, as a semi-magical saviour. This article aims to summarise the experience so far and to summarise the various points.


CILIP held an 'Outsourcing Public Library Services' Executive Briefing in London on 3rd June 2010

Alternative Governance and Outsourcing Briefing. Sheffield Tuesday 27th July 2010. This seminar duplicates in part the CILIP Executive Briefing held in London on the 3rd June (see above). It will look at various alternative models for delivering public library services and the professional debate around this issue.

Further details from the SINTO office 0114 225 5739

A (general -not specific to public libraries) presentation

'Define your terms-making outsourcing work fro information services' By Peter Griffiths. 2006.

The book....

'Managing Outsourcing in Library and Information Services' By Sheila Pantry and Peter Griffiths

2004. CILIP ISBN: 978-1-85604-543-8

From the blurb…

Information centres and libraries, irrespective of the sector, are typically viewed as overheads by their management, which is an extremely risky position for them to be in today. For survival and success, it is imperative to get senior management to shift its focus from your expenditure to the value of the information services you provide.

This book will help to show how successful outsourcing can assist managers and staffing in providing the services users want. It shows that the very process of examining the effectiveness of each separate service element (when considering outsourcing as an option) has spin-off benefits for the information service. Illustrated by case studies and checklists, this new book looks at:

  • evaluating current operations;
  • deciding when information should be outsourced - results of the information audit;
  • the nature of outsourcing information services;
  • negotiating and formatting outsourcing agreements;
  • keeping outsourcing agreements on target;
  • keeping users happy with outsourced services;
  • communication strategies.

The outsourcing debate remains highly relevant to information services and library managers. Tackling it successfully will not only ensure that your service is perceived as a strategic asset but will also enhance its client-centred approach'.

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