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Authority Type of AuthorityRFID SystemE-Book Provider(s)Stock Analysis
LMS Vendor
Library Management System (LMS)Date Decision Made to Switch to this VendorChanged fromShared System withContribute to UNITY UK (OCLC)Contribute to Source (Talis)
kensington_and_chelseaLondon BoroughBibliothecaCloudLibrary; RB Digital SirsiDynixSymphony???Tri-borough Shared ServiceYesNo
kentCounty Overdrive CivicaSpydus2010Axiell (DS)selms consortiumYesNo
kingston_upon_thamesLondon Borough AxiellOpen GalaxyFebruary 2011TalisLondon Libraries Consortium (LLC)YesYes
kirkleesMetropolitan BoroughIntellident SirsiDynixSymphony???*YesYes
knowsleyMetropolitan Borough SirsiDynixSymphony2005???*NoNo

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