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Civica UK

Contact Information

General Tel: 020 7760 2800


Strategy and approach to the market

Civica supplies over 90% of Local Govt in the UK with some form of Software or Service. Civica's Libraries and Learning division represents over 25% of Civica's global business.

Civica is a market leader in software and services that help organisations to improve service delivery and efficiency. Blending consulting, software and managed services, the group has specialist expertise in local government, social housing, enforcement, Libraries and Learning, supplying more than 1,800 customers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and the USA, as well as many commercial firms.

The Civica Group employs over 1,400 people, combining business process and systems integration expertise with core business applications to ensure technology works harder in the delivery of essential services, better regulation and leaner government. With an established track record of service delivery across the public sector and around the world, the group helps customers to deliver process and performance improvement.

Civica’s products and services are behind local transactions with 25 million citizens and businesses. As well as a wide range of software applications, the provision of consulting and managed services to help customers enhance service delivery and to achieve best value from existing and new IT investment is fundamental to Civica’s strategy. Products and services can be provided standalone or as part of a full service-oriented solution.

Over the last three years Civica have taken 20 new Public Library services live (with our Spydus LMS) in the UK with more to be announced in 2010. We have achieved this by drawing on our extensive experience of delivering library management solutions around the world, Civica helps libraries to deliver modern responsive services, easier access and improved efficiency. As one of the earliest established systems suppliers, and a leader in library managed services, the company has a strong track record of responding to the needs of library customers:

  • Providing an increasing range of services at a reasonable and consistent cost
  • Improving traditional functions and accelerating new ones
  • Providing the flexibility to find, reserve and collect information at the time and place of choice
  • Dealing easily with increasing volumes
  • Providing consortia solutions that allow sharing yet retain individuality
  • Delivering information in multiple formats, languages and locations
  • Implementing practical, easy to use web services
  • Catering effectively for homebound borrowers, mobile libraries and community information

Stance on cooperation with third parties

We will work with whoever our library customers choose as third party suppliers.

Long-term prospects

Civica will continue to provide a range of services to Local Govt in general and Libraries in particular with increasing emphasis on generating savings through integration and efficient outsourcing.


Civica combines the 28 year history of LMS development with our knowledge of the wider Public sector requirements in terms of Software and integration. This allows us to provide a particular development direction that does not leave our Library customers isolated in relation to system developments in other sectors of local govt.

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