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Authority Type of Authority RFID System E-Book Provider(s) Stock Analysis
LMS Vendor
Library Management System (LMS) Date Decision Made to Switch to this Vendor Changed from Shared System with Contribute to UNITY UK (OCLC) Contribute to Source (Talis)
Lambeth London Borough Capita Alto/Prism ? ?? * Yes Yes
Lancashire County Overdrive Capita Alto/Prism ? ?? * Yes No
Leeds Metropolitan Borough Bibliotheca Bolinda Capita Alto/Prism ? ?? * No Yes
Leicester City Unitary Axiell Galaxy ? ?? * Yes No
Leicestershire County Intellident SirsiDynix Symphony 2014 Capita EMLIB: Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City, Leicestershire, Derby City, Rutland Yes Yes
Lewisham London Borough D-Tech Overdrive Axiell Galaxy Nov 2010 SirsiDynix London Libraries Consortium (LLC) Yes No
(Northern Ireland)
NI Government agency Intellident Overdrive SirsiDynix
(via Fujitsu)
Symphony 2013 Axiell , Galaxy
Lincolnshire County Intellident Civica Spydus 2013 Axiell , Galaxy * Yes Yes
Liverpool Metropolitan Borough 3M Overdrive Capita Alto/Prism ? ?? * No Yes
Luton Unitary Intellident Overdrive Axiell Galaxy ? ?? Bedford, Central Bedfordshire No No
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