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Authority Type of Authority RFID System E-Book Provider(s) Stock Analysis LMS Vendor Library Management System (LMS) Date Decision Made to Switch to this Vendor Changed from Shared System with Contribute to UNITY UK (OCLC) Contribute to Source (Talis)
Salford Metropolitan Borough Intellident Civica Spydus 2012 Capita (Talis) Greater Manchester:
Rochdale, Stockport, Oldham, Salford and Trafford
No Yes
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Intellident Capita Alto/Prism 2017 Innovative “Black County” Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall, Wolverhampton City No No
Scottish Borders Scotland: Unitary Infor VubisSmart 2008 SirsiDynix * No No
Sefton Metropolitan Borough PTFS Koha 2015 Axiell * No Yes
Sheffield Metropolitan Borough Askews SirsiDynix Unicorn 2006/7 ?? * No No
Shetland Scotland: Unitary Capita Alto/Prism ? ?? * No Yes
Shropshire County Axiell Galaxy ? ?? * No No
Slough Unitary Civica Spydus 2010 Axiell (DS) SELMS consortium: No No
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Bibliotheca Askews Capita Alto/Prism ? ?? * No Yes
Somerset County D-Tech Askews & Holts eBooks
Peters eBooks (for children)
OneClickDigital eAudioBooks
CollectionHQ & Artemis (Axiell IM tool) SirsiDynix Symphony July 2015 Axiell LibrariesWest: No No
South Ayrshire Scotland: Unitary Overdrive Innovative Interfaces Millennium 2008 Bibliomondo * No No
South Gloucestershire Unitary Intellident Askews & Holts eBooks
Peters eBooks (for children)
OneClickDigital eAudioBooks
Collection HQ SirsDynix Symphony July 2015 Axiell Libraries West No No
South Lanarkshire Scotland: Unitary Axiell Civica Spydus 2013 Axiell * No Yes
South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Capita Alto/Prism since 2005 Bibliomondo * No Yes
Southampton Unitary Civica Spydus 2007 Axiell * No Yes
Southend on Sea Unitary Bibliotheca Civica Spydus 2018 Essex County, Thurrock and Southend SELMS Consortium No No
Southwark (L.B.) London Borough Capita Alto/Prism ? ?? * No Yes
St Helens Metropolitan Borough SirsiDynix Unicorn since 2005 ?? * No Yes
Staffordshire County Intellident Askews Axiell Open Galaxy 2011 Capita (Talis) * No Yes
Stirling Scotland: Unitary Intellident PTFS Europe Evergreen 2011 SirsiDynix “SEDAR” Western Isles, Stirling, East Dumbarton No No
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Civica Spydus 2012 Capita (Talis) Greater Manchester No Yes
Stockton-on-Tees Unitary Intellident Capita Alto/Prism ? ?? * No Yes
Stoke-on-Trent Unitary D-Tech Infor VubisSmart ? ?? * No No
Suffolk County D-Tech Overdrive Civica Spydus 2012 Axiell SPINE: Cambridgeshire & Suffolk No No
Sunderland Metropolitan Borough SirsiDynix Unicorn ? ?? * No Yes
Surrey County Overdrive Axiell Galaxy ? ?? * No No
Sutton London Borough 3M SirsiDynix Unicorn ? ?? * No No
Swansea Wales: Unitary Intellident SirsiDynix Symphony September 2015 SirsiDynix Wales Consortium Yes Yes
Swindon Unitary Intellident Capita Chorus (hosted system) 2013 Infor Gloucestershire Yes Yes

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